Lanzarote kids triathlon series Club la Santa.

April 12

Today was the first of the Lanzarote Triathlon Series held at Club La Santa for Infantile and Cadete categories. 
In the Cadete category collecting valuable points to represent Lanzarote in the Canarian Champioship later in the year.

A new outing as Team Bayliss Multipart Lanzarote, in the Infantile Girls we had Becky, Leila, Millie and Sidney, They raced over a 400m swim, 6km bike and a 1km run. There was some organisational problems which was very difficult to deal with but the kids did their best with the situation. 
Congratulations Leila on the win, We are so proud of you! You have turned your fears around and you raced with absolute determination and power. We loved seeing you race like this, keep up the great work. 
Congratulations Becky coming 2nd overall, this little pocket rocket is getting fitter, faster and stronger all the time. Absolute dedication and determination got her this position today. 
Sidney gave her best, however only a few days ago picked up an injury. Her heart told her to go but her body told her to stop. Sidney was unable to finish today but she will be back stronger very soon. Recover well Sidney. 
Today was Millie’s first Triathlon and she went in to give her best, these races are tough and Millie had to learn the tough way today. An experience she has learnt from and will only be stronger and more experienced for the next race which is only next weekend. You can do it Millie!

Leo was out only Infantile boy today and he lead the race from the front. However during the run last years team-mate Daniel Betancor was able to catch and pass him on the run. Congratulations to Daniel and Congratulations Leo on a great 2nd place.

The Cadete Category raced over a 500m swim, 9km bike and 1.5km run. 
In the girls category we had Tiffany racing and she looked great. Her experience shining. Coming out the water in 2nd place then took the lead and never looked back. Congratulations Tiffany and gaining great points for the Championship.

In the boys category we had Jorge and Marcos, 
Marcos lead from the front, and stayed in from to the finish line! Congratulations to you Marcos! We are very proud of you. Racing with a broken toe that he smashed against the side of the pool while tumble turning last week. 
Marcos just got to the finish line before a charging and determined Jorge Wilkes, who is fresh into this age category. Another tremendous race by Jorge today. Congratulations Jorge. 
Both boys gaining great points for the Canarian Championship later in the year.

We are proud of you all. The hard work you put in showing.
It is not easy, and some days it does not go our way, but we learn, move on and get ready for the next.
ThankYou to Photographer Steve Lupson for your time and these great photos. 📷