Puerto del Carmen Aquathlon for kids

April 15

Today the kids raced Aquathon (Run, Swim, Run) in Puerto del Carmen. 
Kids from the age of 6 years to 17 years racing over the same format. Running was tough on sand and into the wind, swimming in very choppy cold sea but Bayliss Multipart kids all coped with the race really well. 
The smart training each day is showing.

First to race was the PreBenjamin category, over a distance of 125m run, 50m swim, 125m run, 
Charlie Bayliss raced strong and took the win, 
Nicolas Padron Miguelez came 2nd, 
Jake Timmons in his first Aquathon came 3rd. Well done boys! We are so proud of you. 
Holly Andrews was first girl. Congratulations Holly!

Benjamin category raced next, over a distance of 250m run, 100m swim, 250m run, 
Matias Padron Miguelez had a great strong race to take the win, 
Dominik Ivanćik came 3rd, battling hard with having been ill the last 5 days, 
Sebastian Garcia Stage-Sø came 4th overall, 
Jack Timmons battling hard to the end coming 5th overall. 
Naty Ivančíkovà ran a very brave race after being ill this week, strong 2nd run to take 4th overall. 
Congratulations boys and girls, we are proud of you all.

In the Alevin category the kids raced over a 500m run, 200m swim, 500m run, 
Sienna Roberton Davies was strong from start to finish, her run improving all the time in training, in the swim she was gaining places all the way, Congratulations Sienna. 
Tom Rowe raced strong from the start, in a competitive field Tom came 8th in the boys race, 
Congratulations Guys, we are proud of you all.

In the Infantile category, racing over a 500m run, 200m swim, 500m run
Leila Thom raced with total determination, did not let up during the tough swim and ran herself into 3rd place. 
Becky Rowe fought every step of the way to finish 5th girl, tough racing by Becky after a few days of being unwell this week, 
Leo Knight straight from his win at the school triathlon yesterday battled to the line to come 6th overall, 
Congratulations boys and girls, we are proud of you all.

In the Cadete category, over the distance of 1km run, 400m swim, 1km run
Tiffany Cabrera Robson lead the race from start to finish, but it was not easy for her as she has girls breathing down her neck the whole race, what a great race Tiffany. 

Jorge Wilkes had a competitive race, his fitness, his endurance and his absolute determination got him to the finish line first, Congratulations on your win Jorge, 

Harry Holdaway just back into training after a nasty ankle strain raced a gusty strong race to finish 3rd overall, well done Harry. 
All the best Jorge and Harry, both racing the adults Nutricross tomorrow!

ThankYou to all the parents for your amazing support. 
ThankYou Steve Lupson for these photos. More photos to come soon!

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