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Importance of Rest
<div>Olympic Champion 2012 and Olympic Silver Medallist 2016 explains the importance of Rest for ones training.&nbsp;</div>
Brett Sutton Strength Training for Triathlon
Brett Sutton discusses the Trisutto philosophy on strength training.
Dr John Hellemans Discusses Altitude Training
Brett Sutton 3-2-2 Medley Drill
This drill is used to accentuate the freestyle components of the butterfly swim stroke, specifically focusing on the "Push" phase.
Daniela Ryf Kona Run Form
2017 Footage of Daniela Ryf running at the 15K mark. Notice how she is tall and back on her heels with a short stride and high cadence. It isn't "textbook running form", but it is the fastest form that she can hold for 42K without breaking down.
Sion lars 2
Bike Skills
Webinar for Coaches to discuss bike skills and transitions.
2016 cozumel wm junior man 11
Q&A - Master Coaches
Live webinar available for Spirit Network coaches. Guest interview: Dan Lorang.